Analysis: U.S. Needs More than 4M Homes

Buyer demand remains high, in part, because so many young adults lived with parents during the pandemic. And due to rising prices, low-income families suffer most. WASHINGTON – Americans seeking to move out on their own outnumbered available housing by almost two to one in 2021, according to a new report. There were roughly 8 […]

Another Perk of Homeownership? Lower Inflation

While “shelter costs” make up 25% of the Consumer Price Index, the calculation only looks at rising rents. SMR calls that “a major flaw” and developed its own index. HACKETTSTOWN, N.J. – SMR Research Corp. says there’s “a major flaw in the government’s Consumer Price Index (CPI)” that its new Homeowners Cost of Living (HCOL) […]

Inflation Isn’t as Bad as It Looks

The widely used CPI compares year-to-year prices, so if prices were steady for one year but saw a 10% increase in Jan., the next 12 months’ CPI would reflect 10% too. ST. LOUIS, Mo. – On June 13, the Federal Reserve released updated inflation figures showing that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) grew at a […]

How Does First-Time Homebuyer Assistance Work?

How do you buy a house? Renters often don’t know. But first-time buyers have tools at their disposal and, oftentimes, access to mortgage assistance. NEW YORK – If you are a first-time homebuyer, you likely have several questions regarding the home-buying process. Let’s start by defining what qualifies as a first-time homebuyer. Generally, this term […]

Airbnb Investing? It Comes with Risks and Benefits

Airbnb ownership can be a good source of passive income flexibility for personal use. The downside: Startup costs, irregular income and an occasional unruly guest. NEW YORK – Owning a hotel or a lodge might be a bridge for investors in this economy, hence investing in Airbnb is most feasible. Airbnb investing is substantially different […]

How Does a Buyer Assume an FHA Mortgage?

A fully qualified buyer can assume a low-rate FHA loan, but sellers need to get a lender release that guarantees they don’t have any future obligation to repay the loan. RICHMOND, Va. – Question: There are tons of low-rate FHA mortgages that now finance and refinance homes loans in the 3% range and sometimes lower. Is […]